Ein Projekt von: Dialog Im Dunkeln - Verein zur Förderung der sozialen Kreativität e.V.




Invited are all film and video makers, film, audiovisual arts and new media students. All non-blind employees from Dialog in the Dark are excluded. There are no entry fees.

The criteria for the awards to be given will be the artistic quality, sound and pictures quality, originality as well as the social creativity involved.

A jury consisting of experts from the film media will select the winners in private screening.
The selection will be made by a majority of votes.
There are no legal claims to participation.

Five awards will be given for a total of € 5000, 00.
A special award will be given to the best mixed team (blind – non blind).

Will take place in a public premiere in Hamburg in March 2006.

Entry forms can be down loaded from www.blindspot-im-dialog.de as from August 2005.
Each participant may send a maximum of two films in the following categories: experimental, documentaries, short films, animation and/or music clips. The screening copy muss be in the German or English languages. In consideration to our blind public subtitles are not allowed. The duration of the films can not exceed 15 minutes. The films submitted might not contain any advertisement material. The following formats will be accepted for the preview copies: VHS and DVD, the screening prints Beta SP, VHS, 16mm, 35mm and DVD.
If you do not receive a response by February 28, 2006 we regret that your film has not been accepted. We are very sorry that we can not respond personally to every submission.

Submission must be made on the official entry form of the competition, duly completed and sent in with the preview copies (VHS or DVD) by February 15th 2006 at the latest (Postmark date is valid) with a short synopsis and the complete cast and credits and minimum 2 stills of the film. The form must be sent to:

Unsichtbares sichtbar machen (Visualize the unseen)

Dialog im Dunkeln- (Dialog in the Dark)
Verein zur Förderung der sozialen Kreativität (Association for the incentive of social creativity)

Alter Wandrahm 4
20457 Hamburg

For further information please contact us at:

It is the responsibility of producers, distributors and other applying persons or organisations to ensure that permission has been obtained from all appropriate parties before submitting a film for selection to the competition. In addition, the respective holder of the rights ensures also that permission has been obtained for music that might be use in their film, scenes from other pictures as well as photo material. The respective holder of the rights for the submitted film / video agrees to give BL!NDSPOT 2 the rights for non-commercials screenings, and to forward excerpts to the sponsors as well as to reporting press and television medias, should the submitted film / video be among the selected films of the competition. In addition, the respective rights holder commits himself to provide the competition with a free copy of the submitted film / video in the right screening print (please see above).
The submitted screening print muss be the final version of the film until the date of competition. Subsequent changes / editing would not be taken into consideration.
Submitters agree that any film selected for the competition would be included in a non–commercial DVD for purposes of documentation which would be used by the organization for its own intern activities, as for example private screenings, events related to the exhibition Dialog in the Dark.

Submitters are responsible for any postage costs deriving from sending in preview-copies and screening-prints. Return expenses for the screening-print will be covered by the organisation of the competition. Preview material can only be returned if a prepaid envelope with return address is enclosed.
All packages have to be declared / must be clearly marked with a customs declaration stating the following: “No commercial value – for cultural propose only”. Parcels from non-EU member countries must also be accompanied by an invoice stating a value of no more than 10 US$ (under no circumstances should higher production costs be given!). Costs arising from incorrect declarations, packaging and lost of the material submitted will be charged to the account of the submitter. All films not send back become the property of Dialog in the Dark.

Screening prints will be insured during the competition time with their print value. Any claims for replacement due to damage are to be received not later than 10 days after return.
These regulations are issued in German and English. In case of doubt, the German version is decisive. All matters not resolved by these regulations shall be decided upon by the director of the competition.
The application for participation in BL!NDSPOT 2 implies the acceptance of these regulations. The director of the competition has the right to settle all cases unforeseen in the regulations of participation, as well as to permit exceptions from the regulations in special, well-founded cases.

By signing of the entry form, the applicant agrees to all application conditions.