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About us


BL!NDSPOT is an idea and project from "Dialog in the Dark”, an association that promotes social creativity. The association supports projects which deal with the integration of disabled people. Innovative cultural projects as the exposition "Dialog in the Dark”, have the purpose to improve the integration of disabled people in the labour market. Like this, platforms are created which promote the integration without prejudices of disabled and not disabled people.

By incorporating the medium film in our field of work, we want to go a step forward. Visitors to our exhibition, in which a sighted oriented person have to renounce of their vision for a long time, allow these individuals to penetrate in a new dimension of perception. Very rarely do people have the chance to be in such a situation, no matter how weak, there is always a ray of light stimulating our optical senses. An uncommon world of images is established. We arrange spaces together in our imagination and try to create a complex image of the surroundings as well as the looks of our fellow human beings. But how do these inner pictures look like? It might sound absurd, but we are convinced that to visualize these fantasy images can be a very exciting task.

BL!NDSPOT will become an interesting and useful experience for both blind and sighted people, we intend to knock down the gap between both of them, unvealing an innovative image and sound world using films.

With our task, we offer film makers a motivation to create innovative esthetical forms of film language. The development of a "free camera” that is a camera free of any existent norms and the experimental world of the computer animation should allow for a new conception of images and sounds. With this as a focal point and its creative realization we wish to encourage the sensitisation of the perception world of the blind. To instigate an integrative and creative process from which disabled and not disabled people can learn something from. On the long run we would be happy if BL!NDSPOT becomes a launch platform, both national and international, for young talents in the audiovisual arts.

"Dialogue in the Dark" an association for the promotion of social creativity supports projects which strive for the integration from disabled people. Platforms for impartial encounters between both groups are created.

Support the Association

If you have become curious of our work or feel like learning more about our association, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to send you information, or take a step forward and get involved with and for us! The association and the exhibition, simultaneously an employment project, are looking for sponsors.

Become a member, either as a private individual or as a company, or make a donation to the association. Perhaps you can contribute with your "know how” or even provide a traineeship for members of our staff.

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Verein zur Förderung der sozialen Kreativität e.V.
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