Ein Projekt von: Dialog Im Dunkeln - Verein zur Förderung der sozialen Kreativität e.V.




Visualize the unseen
The short film competition 2006

„You can not trust your eyes anymore“ Paul Virilio

BL!NDSPOT - Visualize the unseen should challenge film makers  to confront themselves with a new kind of perception, - a new way of seeing - allowing them to become creative towards this concept. We are looking for films belonging to the following categories: documental, animation, experimental, short films and music videos. They should confront themselves with:

Space  (velocity, proportions, mobility),

Time     (old-young, day-night, labour time - leisure time) and

Values  (beauty, mode, brands)

The idea to create a competition based on these aspects originated after questioning ourselves if new IMAGES are reinvented in the mind of the visitors to the exhibition „Dialog in the Dark, an exhibition in which the public experience their daily life in specially constructed darkened rooms designed to reflect urban and countryside environments.

The experience in the dark and the lack of vision led us to such questions as:

- How did their view of the world change after the experience in the dark as well as the temporary lack of vision?

- Is it possible for sighted people to relate to a blind person’s view of the world?

- How does lack of vision influence our concept of beauty?

- Can textures and colours, despite the known patterns, be reinvented?  

The short film competition should solve this puzzle.
On the other hand the question arises: what does blindness and not seeing have in common with films?
Is it absurd to create a film competition that deals with blindness?  A Dolby surround black film would perhaps be the best answer to this question, however we are more interested in the inner pictures, that being blind does not means not being able to see.

Special Award
We want to encourage the work between blind and seeing people, therefore a special award will be given to the best mix team (blind – not blind). The work performed by these teams last year was very impressing, confirming the possibility of the teamwork. The filmmakers can once again be inspired from the daily routine of the blind developing like this a new way of seeing.

 If you wish we can help you by making contact to blind people..